Professional photovoltaic softwares and calculators to download

The softwares below are commercial tools dedicated to the design of PV systems connected to the grid or in remote area. You can get an accurate evaluation of solar photovoltaic panels energy output. All softwares below must be purchased to be fully functional.
All prices are indicative and subject to change without notice.

SOLAR PRO calculates the amount of generated electricity based on the latitudes, longitudes, and the weather conditions of the installation site. This leads precise simulation results.
Simulation including the shadow influence by surrounding buildings and objects allows users to check optimal settings and

SPF - Velasolaris, professsional sizing and simulation of solar photovoltaic systems.

PV*SOL premium is a dynamic simulation program with 3D visualization and detailed shading analysis of photovoltaic plants with storage systems. PV system designers, engineers, consultants and installers can use the software to professionally design and dimension PV systems. Features include :
- Calculation of electric vehicles with battery storage systems
- Import of satellite maps to quickly and easily create buildings

PVcase is a plugin for Autodesk (AutoCAD) for the design of photovoltaic solar plants.

Main features are :
- 3D terrain based PV layouts
- customizable electrical design
- Automated topographical 3D cabling
- Export 3D shading scenes to PVSyst & other 3D rendering software

One of the oldest photovoltaic software, developed by the University of Geneva.PVSYST is designed to be used by architects, engineer and researchers, and it is also a very useful pedagogical tool. It could be considered as the Swiss knife of photovoltaic software.
Main features :

CHETU is an international software development company, with activities in solar energy.

Chetu’s expert developers create solar softwares to improve the design, construction and management of solar photovoltaic systems.

Main CHETU's solar software development solutions are :

- Photovoltaic Software : development of softwares for sizing and design of PV site with shading analysis, energy production simulations, panel performance monitoring, maintenance, reporting.
- Solar Energy Management to inspect projects from the office, production modeling and forecasting, energy loss trend viewing and downtime/underperformance tracking
- Proposal Software :solar proposal software solutions with designs and simulations to calculate financial returns for

PV F-CHART is a comprehensive photovoltaic system analysis and design program. The program provides monthly-average performance estimates for each hour of the day. The calculations are based upon methods developed at the University of

PV Designer software enables you to quickly and easily: draw a roof outline, specify set-backs and keep-out regions, incorporate SunEye shade measurements at specific locations on the roof, drag-and-drop modules, size strings, check inverter limits, and calculate the AC energy production for your system.
It includes extensive world-wide databases of modules, inverters, and historical weather. You can easily try different

Photovoltaic software for Real-Time PV System Simulation.
- Global Project Simulation
- Virtual Site Assessment

Solarius-PV is a software for solar photovoltaic (grid connected) design and solar PV system efficiency calculation.
- solar PV calculator with step by step design
- graphical input also from CAD
- calculation of the solar PV system efficiency rate
- solar panel shading analysis from

ETAP Photovoltaic Array Analysis Software.

Model, Analyze & Study Impact of Solar Farms or utility-scale solar projects on the Electric Grid.

Photovoltaic (PV) Array comprising of solar panels are the predominant power generation components of renewable distributed energy resources (DER), solar farms with grid-tied inverters, islanding microgrids, and smart grids. PV Array converts solar radiation energy into

Pvcomplete is a software that use Autocad and System Advisor Model Models energy production for your PV design.
Shadow modelling : Draw obstructions and our software will draw in shaded areas for you based on latitude, azimuth and object height.
PV COMPLETE has full module database : Download module data directly from

PVscout is a PV-sizing software for the planning and calculation of grid-connected photovoltaic systems irrespective of manufacturer.

- graphical representation and dynamic interconnection of several roofs.
- full range of data irrespective of manufacturer
- solar irradiation data based on high-resolution mean minute values
- calculations of

BlueSol Design is a professional tool for the design of photovoltaic systems.

BlueSol Design is proposed as a product for professionals looking for a simple and comprehensive way to solve their design problems.

BlueSol Design simplifies the design of photovoltaic plants, assisting the user in all stages of design, starting with the dimensioning of the system to get to the realization of the documentation.

BlueSol Design supports the design and optimization, both technical and financial, of every type of photovoltaic system: - Grid connected systems
- Stand-Alone systems
- Grid connected systems with AC-coupled battery storage
- Grid connected systems with DC-coupled battery storage

The all in one solution for simple and speedy planning and calculation of PV systems, which leaves no wish unfulfilled.
Complete PV system planning.
Comprehensive assembly and connection plan, and all relevant calculations such as inverter design, revenue forecast, profitability calculations

HOMER is a computer model that simplifies the task of evaluating design options for both off-grid and grid-connected power systems for remote, stand-alone, and distributed generation (DG) applications. HOMER's optimization and sensitivity analysis algorithms allow the user to evaluate the economic and technical feasibility of a large number of technology options and to account for uncertainty in technology costs, energy resource availability, and other variables.

This italian software developed by Electro Graphics Srl is a full tools to compute the solar PV output of a solar photovoltaic system connected to the grid.

Main features :

  • - Global and full system definition
  • - Shading (close and remote)
  • - Photovoltaic generator
  • - Inverter configuration
  • - Database (inverter, irradiation, pv modules)
  • - PV system layout

PV Rocket is an add-in to AutoCAD, this software offers automated construction documents for solar photovoltaic projects.

PV Rocket software helps to create plans and schematics for commercial contractors and development companies to design, plan, implement and approve solar PV Systems. PV Rocket developed software in CAD is designed specifically to help design PV Systems.

PV Rocket automatically measures distances between modules, inverters and

PV-DesignPro v6.0 is Windows compatible software designed to simulate photovoltaic energy system operation on an hourly basis for one year, based on a user selected climate and system design.

Three versions of the PV-DesignPro program are included on the Solar Design Studio CD-ROM: "PV-DesignPro-S" for

The INSEL toolbox Solar Electricity provides parameters for the simulation of all market-available PV modules and

HELIOS 3D is a professional planning tools for utility scale PV plants.
It allows shadow free placement of PV racks on a digital terrain at any geographical position and at any given date or time.
The workflow supports all phases of the project process :
Project Development : Analysis and evaluation of the terrain, rate of yield
Project Layout :  

Skelion, is a Sketchup's plugin to insert solar photovoltaics and thermal components in a surface.


Skelion plugin gives Sketchup the possibility to insert solar panels very fast and make fast renewable solar energy studies.

Includes shadows projection and MAC OS and Windows compatible.


Skelion for SketchUp allows you to :