ETAP Photovoltaic Array Analysis Software.

Model, Analyze & Study Impact of Solar Farms or utility-scale solar projects on the Electric Grid.

Photovoltaic (PV) Array comprising of solar panels are the predominant power generation components of renewable distributed energy resources (DER), solar farms with grid-tied inverters, islanding microgrids, and smart grids. PV Array converts solar radiation energy into direct current using semiconductors and then to alternating current electric power through inverters.
ETAP Renewable Energy module includes three methods for studying photovoltaic power systems when combined with the appropriate network analysis capabilities and simulation scenarios:
- Design & Analyze Solar Farms
- Photovoltaic Integration Impact on Transmission Grid
- Photovoltaic Impact on Distribution Grid as Distributed Energy Resource

Main features of Etap Solar software are :

- Design & Analyze Solar Farms
- PV Integration Impact on Transmission Grid
- PV Impact on Distribution Grid as DER
- ETAP PV Array & Solar Panel Solution
- PV Array & Solar Panel Modeling
- Solar Irradiance Calculator
- P-V and I-V Characteristic Curve Estimation
- Expanded Photovoltaic Array Library from CEC list

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