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There are many free solar tools to help the design of solar systems :voltage drop calculator, sun position applications, R&D softwares...


Drop voltage

Free online calculator to compute voltage drop and energy losses in a wire

Losses in solar PV wires must be limited, DC losses in strings of solar panels, and AC losses at the output of inverters. A way to limit these losses is to minimize the voltage drop in cables. A drop voltage less than 1% is suitable and in any case it must not exceed 3%.

Save electricity : this free online calculator gives the AC and DC Power, Voltage Drop, wire energy losses, resistive heating, for three phase and single phase wiring.

Financial analysis of PV systems

List of PV softwares to compute sun position, sun time and others parameters about sun path.

This section provides various links to R&D softwares, tools or simulators, dedicated to a specific scientific aspect of photovoltaic.

Solar PV applications for smartphone: android, iphone, tablets.

Integration of photovoltaic energy in electrical networks (self-consumption, microgrids, utilities distribution networks...) is a new challenge. In order to facilitate PV penetration the forecasting of solar energy is required.
This section provides various tools to forecast PV production anywhere in the world.
A PV forecasting tool is needed to estimate the available PV resources for the day(s) after. Most of the developed solutions use weather forecasts supplied by specialized providers.

Forecasting services mainly apply to utility scale solar photovoltaic systems.