PV forecast

Integration of photovoltaic energy in electrical networks (self-consumption, microgrids, utilities distribution networks...) is a new challenge. In order to facilitate PV penetration the forecast of solar energy is required.
This section provides various tools to forecast PV production anywhere in the world.
A PV forecasting tool is needed to estimate the available PV resources for the day(s) after. Most of the developed solutions use weather forecasts supplied by specialized providers.

Actual and forecast solar irradiance and power data, globally, using satellites and surface measurements

Instant access to data, anywhere:

- Historical, live, and forecast
- Updated every 10-15 minutes, using satellites and real PV data
- Trusted by power and solar experts worldwide

The Energy Weather PV forecast is a flexible prediction system for solar power prognoses.

It combines a physically based calculation basis for the radiation path with the mix of the currently best weather models. A complete database of all registered photovoltaic plants in Germany enables flexible and individualized forecasts for every conceivable application, from individual plants to the nationwide production sum, from intraday forecasts to the 10th forecast day.
A technical infrastructure supports the provision of the data in any desired format and thus without any customer-specific integration effort.

Yield Assessment for Power Generation Sites based on meteorological and real plant's data.
Now available: enercast YAS, a new tool for site assessment of solar plants and wind turbines.
PV and Wind power forecasts for integrating renewables into the electricity market : Enercast delivers new wind power fore-casts every 15 minutes and PV forecasts for the next 10 days four times a day.

SteadySun is company dedicated to solar production forecasting.
Their solar energy forecasting services cover:

– Solar production or resource (DNI, GHI)
– Time horizons of a few minutes to a few days.
– All types of technology (photovoltaic, with or without tracking, CPV, CSP)
– Worldwide geographic coverage
– Any size of installation and aggregation: from a few kW to forecasts for a whole country!