Education, research and development

Presentation of ressources for education and research about solar photovoltaic energy.

Sandia National Laboratories is facilitating a collaborative group of photovoltaic (PV) professionals (PV Performance Modeling Collaborative or PVPMC). This group is interested in improving the accuracy and technical rigor of PV performance models and analyses. Such models are used to evaluate current performance (performance index) and determine the future value of PV generation projects (expressed as the predicted energy yield) and, by extension, influence how PV projects and technologies are perceived by the financial community in terms of investment risk.
Greater confidence in the accuracy of performance models will lead to lower financing costs and an increase in the number of projects that are built. The PVPMC provides a collaborative venue for working towards these goals.

The Goal is to assemble and organize the most complete, transparent, and accurate set of information about PV system performance modeling.

Main content is :
- Modeling steps for photovoltaic energy computation
- PV research projects (bifacial and PV lifetime)
- Application and tools (PV_LIB Toolbox, GridPV, and other tools)

Sandia National Laboratories is facilitating a collaborative group of

PVEducation is a collection of resources for the photovoltaic educator.
In a CDROM available online it presents practical and theoretical aspects of photovoltaics such as:
- Properties of Sunlight
- Semiconductors & Junctions
- Solar Cell Operation
- Design of Silicon Cells
- Manufacturing Si Cells
- Modules and Arrays
- Characterization
- Material Properties
- Batteries

As solar cell manufacturing continues to grow at a record-setting pace,