PV Rocket is an add-in to AutoCAD, this software offers automated construction documents for solar photovoltaic projects.

PV Rocket software helps to create plans and schematics for commercial contractors and development companies to design, plan, implement and approve solar PV Systems. PV Rocket developed software in CAD is designed specifically to help design PV Systems.

PV Rocket automatically measures distances between modules, inverters and balance of system equipment. This removes the transfer back-and-forth between AutoCAD and spreadsheets.

Features and benefits:

- Significantly reduce time to approval
- Eliminate common errors
- Compare equipment specifications and costs
- Increase equipment options
- Scalable to large and small projects
- Reduce project costs
- True automation
- Distance measuring
- Reduce need for multitasking
- Easy to use
- Flexible
- Detailed measurements
- Field-tested
- Fast and secure

Indicative price 2020 : 100 USD/Month or 980 USD/Year Subscription

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