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SOLARGIS - solar and photovoltaic design software
  • SunDAT (from FTC Solar)

    FTC Solar’s automated design platform, SunDAT, is a program for solar systems sizing. SunDAT provides the means to take a solar project from concept to permitting
    SunDAT is a proprietary software extension for the SketchUp 3D modeling program...

    EasySolar is a fully functional online platform compatible with advanced EasySolar mobile apps for iOS or Android, easy to use in the office or in the field.

    EasySolar can significantly increase your solar sales thanks


    Sighten manage entire solar sales, financing, installation process in a single software platform with an end-to-end solution purpose-built for residential solar companies.

    EasySolar can significantly increase your solar

  • Prospect (by Solargis)

    Solargis Prospect is a solar prospecting tool for professional project pre-feasibility. Online application includes:
    - High-quality satellite-based irradiation data from Solargis
    - Numerous data and map layers to find and


    AURORASOLAR is a one stop application for solar sales and engineering. Generate a full design from as little as an address and an electric bill.
    Some of the features are :

    - Remote site analysis

    - Design accurate

  • PVDESIGN (by Ratedpower)

    pvDesign is a cloud-based software developed by RatedPower to optimize the design and carry out the engineering of utility-scale (>1MW) Solar Photovoltaic plants, reducing the process from several weeks to just a few seconds. With pvDesign,


    This software available online allows to create PV system designs and accurate panel layouts.
    Generate customer design options in minutes, complete with PDF system datasheet, including data from electrical specifications to array layout


    Photovoltaic sizing software programs for grid connected systems.
    - Unlimited Designs

    - Up to 5MW Systems
    - 45,000 Component Library
    - One-Click Sharing
    - SketchUp Shading Integration
    - PAN File Support


    Skelion, is a Sketchup'splugin to insert solar photovoltaics and thermal components in a surface.


    Skelion plugin gives Sketchup the possibility to insert solar panels very fast

  • HELIOS 3D Solarparkplanung

    HELIOS 3D is a professional planning tools for utility scale PV plants.
    It allows shadow free placement of PV racks on a digital terrain at any geographical position and at any given date or time.
    The workflow supports all phases of

  • HOMER 2 (USA)

    HOMER is a computer model that simplifies the task of evaluating design options for both off-grid and grid-connected power systems for remote, stand-alone, and distributed generation (DG) applications. HOMER's optimization and sensitivity


    One of the oldest photovoltaic software, developed by the University of Geneva.PVSYST is designed to be used by architects, engineer and researchers, and it is also a very useful pedagogical tool. It could be considered as the Swiss knife of


    BlueSol Design is a professional tool for the design of photovoltaic systems.

    BlueSol Design is proposed as a product for professionals looking for a simple and comprehensive way to solve their design problems.


  • PVcase (plugin for Autodesk-autoCAD)

    PVcase is a plugin for Autodesk (AutoCAD) for the design of photovoltaic solar plants.

    Main features are :
    - 3D terrain based PV layouts
    - customizable electrical design
    - Automated topographical 3D...
  • SOLAR PRO (Solarpro)

    SOLAR PRO calculates the amount of generated electricity based on the latitudes, longitudes, and the weather conditions of the installation site. This leads precise simulation results.
    Simulation including the shadow influence by