If you need to design your solar photovoltaic panels quickly with a detailed report of the annual yield of the PV system, Easysolar is one of the best solution on the market of photovoltaic softares.

If you are individual Easysolar will help you to design your system easily in minutes for a low price.

If you are professional Easysolar will help you to design and sell solar systems to your customers. Easysolar not only performs an accurate assessment of the production of the system, taking account of the specific position of solar panels on the roof using photos and Google Map, but it offers also a complete CRM to organise yours sales. Easysolar prices are truly affordable for a professional use.

For individuals or professionals : get a free trial of 7 days with full functionalities of the program.

Main features are :
- Design on photos : take a picture of the roof of the house or building and draw the panels on the sofware
- Design on Google map and use the radiation database from all over the world
- Validate the components sizing of the solar PV generator
- Evaluate the cost of the system
- Evaluate the return on investment
- Create a pdf report or offer
- Manage Clients and projects
- Use the CRM to organize your sales
- Use the sales analytics module

EasySolar - solar and photovoltaic design software

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EASYSOLAR - solar and photovoltaic design software

EASYSOLAR solar software

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