CHETU is an international software development company, with activities in solar energy.

Chetu’s expert developers create solar softwares to improve the design, construction and management of solar photovoltaic systems.

Main CHETU's solar software development solutions are :

- Photovoltaic Software : development of softwares for sizing and design of PV site with shading analysis, energy production simulations, panel performance monitoring, maintenance, reporting.
- Solar Energy Management to inspect projects from the office, production modeling and forecasting, energy loss trend viewing and downtime/underperformance tracking
- Proposal Software :solar proposal software solutions with designs and simulations to calculate financial returns for loans, leases, PPAs and cash payments. Customized templates for solar sales.
- Solar Design : development of solar design software with CAD features for 2D and 3D single-line drawings, real-time mapping and integrated solutions/scenario testing. Component and equipment databases, bill of materials generation and other features.
- Sensor & Tracking Software : development of sensor applications and tracking software that can be used with PV systems to prevent loss of power output. Data logging, automation processes and interfaces to the grid.
- Billing Software : billing solutions for your solar businesses. Software solutions serve various metering and billing software solutions, including net metering, gross metering and self-consumption metering. Automation of billing workflows based on energy usage and generation data.
- Solar Energy Platform :creation of solar energy platforms for small to large system designs, from individual homes to solar farms, with remote management that has real-time data and cloud connectivity.

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