Solar Asset Management Tools and Softwares

Solar photovoltaic software

Solar Asset Management Tools and Softwares

List of Solar photovoltaic Asset Management Tools and Softwares for professionals to use online.

Asset management software is a centralized system that allows your organization to track important details about each asset in real time. This decreases administrative costs, improves service and gives your organization greater visibility into asset utilization, costs and maintenance.

With an asset management software you can track the value of your portfolio, minimize the risks and optimize your returns. Those tools enable solar asset owners to take the right decisions at the right moments to optimize their investments in a private and secure digital environment.

DEEPSOLAR is a digital asset management software that helps to maximize the performance and management of solar photovoltaic systems portfolio.

This THIRD integrated software layer, between the financial asset management systems and the monitoring systems, analyses the raw technical data; finds and quantifies performance issues and their respected recoverable energy; and then provides a smart corrective action plan. This kind of AI analytics layer, which can be called “digital asset management”, is completely data-driven, proactive, prioritized and ROI-oriented.

The DeepSolar™ software utilizes state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to

PowerHub is asset management software built for the Renewable Energy Industry, solar photovoltaic, wind energy... .

Whether you have standard PPAs or the most complex power invoicing structures PowerHub can help.

- PPAs, Fixed Fees.
- Demand charges, curtailment, nodal pricing.
- Net settlement, Multi-meter and much more.

PowerHub is asset management software that

BluePoint software designed by 3 Megawatt is an asset management solution for renewable solar and wind energy projects.

BluePoint's operations management tools help manage the entire solar asset lifecycle.

BluePoint is a cloud-based solution. BluePoint is to simplifies, streamlines and automates business processes such as contract and compliance management, asset register management, incident management, project development, invoicing and reporting. BluePoint does this by integrating (via API) with various external datasources such as monitoring data, weather data feeds, ERP/accounting systems and

MILK THE SUN offers two products :
1- one solution to manage your asset of photovoltaic systems
2- a market place to sell and buy PV plants


Milk the Sun is a solar asset management software to help you maximize your returns in solar photovoltaic.
This solar asset management software provides many key features that will help to manage your various photovoltaic systems. It is a digital solution to help you take care of your solar asset portfolio – this service is free. No need Excel controlling: consolidate all your data in one central place that will let you make sound data-driven decisions in real-time, and get the most out of your investment.

Main features :
- Generate actionable insights from