The Energy Weather PV forecast is a flexible prediction system for solar power prognoses.

It combines a physically based calculation basis for the radiation path with the mix of the currently best weather models. A complete database of all registered photovoltaic plants in Germany enables flexible and individualized forecasts for every conceivable application, from individual plants to the nationwide production sum, from intraday forecasts to the 10th forecast day.
A technical infrastructure supports the provision of the data in any desired format and thus without any customer-specific integration effort.

Application areas :

- Transmission network operator / distribution network operator
- Energy supply companies / Stadtwerke
- Direct marketing of electricity from PV production
- Individual systems for optimizing self-consumption

Benefit for the customer :

- Early planning of production quantities
- Reduction of schedule deviations
- Proprietary trading facility

Key features :

- Physical Basis
- Model mix
- Temporal resolution
- Probabilistic marking of uncertainties.
- Independence of observation data
- System security

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