SOLARGIS FORECAST offers a real-time satellite-based forecasting and nowcasts based on Solargis models.

    - High-quality nowcasting up to next 6 hours and forecasts up to 10 days
    - Available for any site globally
    - PV power


    EDF Store & Forecast commercializes on-demand renewable production and consumption forecasts to guarantee a better performance and energy control of solar photovoltaic installations.

    This tool is dedicated to big MWp grid-tied solar

  • REUNIWATT-Suncast-InstaCast

    Reuniwatt offers cutting-edge solutions for high-resolution observation of the cloud cover and the solar irradiation, and short-term forecasting services. Acknowledged by industrials and researchers, they have been successfully deployed across

  • ENFOR-SolarFor

    SolarFor™ is a software solution for solar power forecasting. SolarFor™ delivers predictions of solar power production for the operational horizon (ranging from a few minutes ahead in time, up to a couple of weeks). SolarFor™ is flexible and has


    Yield Assessment for Power Generation Sites based on meteorological and real plant's data.
    Now available: enercast YAS, a new tool for site assessment of solar plants and wind turbines.
    PV and Wind power forecasts for integrating...
  • SteadySun

    SteadySun is company dedicated to solar production forecasting.
    Their solar energy forecasting services cover:

    – Solar production or resource (DNI, GHI)
    – Time horizons of a few minutes to a few days.
    – All types of...

    The Energy Weather PV forecast is a flexible prediction system for solar power prognoses.

    It combines a physically based calculation basis for the radiation path with the mix of the currently best weather models. A complete database of...

    Actual and forecast solar irradiance and power data, globally, using satellites and surface measurements

    Instant access to data, anywhere:

    - Historical, live, and forecast
    - Updated every 10-15 minutes, using...