Actual and forecast solar irradiance and power data, globally, using satellites and surface measurements

Instant access to data, anywhere:

- Historical, live, and forecast
- Updated every 10-15 minutes, using satellites and real PV data
- Trusted by power and solar experts worldwide

Grid Aggregations :

- Improve load forecasts
- Manage and plan your network
- Control VPPs & microgrids
- Avoid DIY challenges

Tens, thousands or millions of PV systems, simulated and forecasted in real time, rolled up into your grid or market region.

Utility Scale :

- Reduce penalties & curtailment
- Plan maintenance
- Manage attached storage
- Get high quality historical irradiance data
- Group systems for grid management
- Get started fast with simplified data requirements
- Upload data to improve your forecasts

Rooftop :

- Actively manage storage, VPPs and smart devices using tuned PV output forecasts
- Access forecasts for each site using our API

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