pvDesign is a cloud-based software developed by RatedPower to optimize the design and carry out the engineering of utility-scale (>1MW) Solar Photovoltaic plants, reducing the process from several weeks to just a few seconds. With pvDesign, its users can perform different simulations, optimize the layout of PV projects, carry out feasibility studies, and generate all the relevant basic detailed engineering documentation to quote the construction or EPC. The platform enhances designing in a faster and more accurate way than traditional engineering tools, and users can easily compare and manage all their solar farm projects in a friendly user interface.

PvDesign has been used in more than 100 countries and its customers’ portfolio includes developers, EPCs, and engineering companies.

The main advantages of pvDesign are:

- pvDesign covers all the feasibility phases of a PV plant: pvDesign is useful not only to prospect unlimited locations and quickly obtain a layout of a plant, but also to carry out the basic engineering of PV plants, and to optimize the PV plants’ configuration for more advanced phases, prior to the construction.

- Documentation generated: pvDesign generates more than 300 pages of engineering documentation: a complete, detailed, and accurate BoQ, the plant layout, a design report, the energy yield report, a listing of cables, both MV and LV single line diagrams, terrain slopes, etc. All these documents are available in four languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, and in an editable format.

- Fast design and customization of layouts: pvDesign offers a fast design, enabling its users to select different criteria (basic civil, electrical criteria, equipment…) and automatically generating the layout and other relevant engineering documentation in just a few seconds. Users can quickly check all the different equipment and criteria, by easily cloning projects and using a comparison matrix among all the results. Furthermore, pvDesign enables users to dimension the PV plant taking into account the power factor, the cable sizing, and the energy yield. pvDesign algorithms scan all the different possibilities to generate the most optimal configuration.

- Software as a Service: pvDesign is a cloud-based software accessible from every browser. It is not necessary to install any program in its users’ PCs and no upgrade downloads are needed since all new features and enhancements are automatically included in the relevant subscription.

- Energy yield: pvDesign already has its own energy yield model that offers quite interesting and broad-studied results.

- Users: pvDesign can be used by both technical and not-that-technical users, thanks to its user-friendly interface and the recommended parameters and criteria generated by the software.

- Subscription model: All pvDesign subscription models offer unlimited numbers of users.

- Collaborative tool: pvDesign is a collaborative tool that can improve teams communication and cooperation. Users can see every project being studied by any team member, and are able to work collaboratively by cloning and optimizing other users' simulations.

- Engineering process: pvDesign carries out the engineering process up to the substation.

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