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SISIFO is an online, free-software, simulator of PV systems developed by the IES-UPM in the frame of the European project PVCROPS.
This version of SISIFO allows the simulation of different types of grid-connected PV systems, such as large grid-connected plants and building-integrated installations.
SISIFO is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (AGPLv3).
The source code of SISIFO has been written in PHP and includes all the implemented models and algorithms.
You can download it here :

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Photovoltaic Geographical Information System (PVGIS) provides a map-based inventory of solar energy.

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PVWatts is a useful map-based free online software for US and international photovoltaic sites analysis.
It could give the global annual energy output of PV systems connected to the grid in USA or in many part of the world. For many locations it could also provides PV energy output hourly values.
PV WATTS also provides international solar maps.
This powerfull  and easy to use tool is developped by the NREL  (US National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Caution : it works only for crystalline solar panels.

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Calculation solar for off-grid PV systems is a simple map-based free online calculator for off-grid photovoltaic systems (design and simulation) anywhere in the world.
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PV*SOL online (GE)

PV*SOL online is a free tool for the quick and easy calculation of grid-connected photovoltaic systems (roof integrated/parallel or roof/ground mounted).
After inputting basic data for the location, load profile, annual energy consumption, module and inverter, the automatic configuration manager searches for the optimal module and inverter connections. The results presented following the system calculation include:
- Annual PV energy
- Performance ratio
- Own power consumption
- Solar fraction
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Only for spain. DIAFEM is an online free application for designers, installers and anybody interested in renewable energy, for the design and calculation of electrification facilities no connected to the grid. Allows small wind turbines design facilities, photovoltaic and mixed to meet the energy needs of a demand. The tool asks, a number of technical data, to identify the project and a specific energy demand, in order to perform the calculation and design of the facility. Results are displayed in a technical report.

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With Easy-PV you can easily create a PV project online for free. You can create an instant schematic and use the performance calculator to estimate PV system output. Easy-PV was designed and built by the folks at Midsummer Solar Wholesale. You have the choice of a free acccount which can save up to 20 projects, or a 'Pro' account for a small monthly subscription which can store unlimited projects.  EASY PV CO UK

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