• Slope, pitch, gradient of a roof or solar panels (calculator and formula)

    Calculator and relationship between slope, pitch, gradient, rise, run lenght and tilted lenght of a roof or solar photovoltaic panels

    Free online calculator of the slope according to measurement of a roof or solar

  • Solcast - Solar Irradiance Data

    Solcast - Solar Irradiance Data Solcast offers global coverage of historical (up to 15y), recent (past 3 months) and live (past 7 days) solar irradiance data.
    Free data access for researchers and hobbyists (home PV system use)....
  • Solar Water Heating Calculation (SWH calculator, by California Energy Commission)

    Solar Water Heating Calculation for built up system.
    Note to Users: California F-Chart has been designed to calculate solar thermal water heating contributions for built up solar systems.

  • PVWATTS free solar calculator

    PVWatts is a useful map-based free online software for US and international photovoltaic sites analysis.
    It could give the global annual energy output of PV systems connected to the grid in USA or in many part of the world. For many

  • How to get solar radiation and climate data (precipitaton, temperature, wind, insolation...) anywhere in the world free from NASA database?

    Get worlwide climate data for free from NASA in 3 steps ?

    This tutorial helps you to get free set of meteorological data from NASA database through the POWER DATA ACCESS VIEWER online free tool.

    Particularly you will...

    Software dedicated to large hot water systems as hotels, industry, camping...

    NO MORE AVAILABLE! It has been replaced by TRANSOL, see on Professional solar thermal

  • SHW - Simulation Software for Thermal Solar Systems

    SHW is a simulation software for Thermal Solar Systems. It is a freeware for Research and Teaching use.
    Designed from unit of Energy Efficient Buildings at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.
    No Online help is


    Opensolar is a free online solar design tool.

    Just create a free account to start to use it.

    With OPEN SOLAR you can create build-ready quick proposals using OpenSolar's class-leading 3D design technology:

  • FREE Solar thermal softwares

    This section provide a list of free solar thermal softwares.



    With Easy-PV you can easily create a PV project online for free. You can create an instant schematic and use the performance calculator to estimate PV system output. Easy-PV was designed and built by the folks at Midsummer Solar Wholesale.


    SISIFO is an online, free-software, simulator of PV systems developed by the IES-UPM in the frame of the European project PVCROPS.
    This version of SISIFO allows the simulation of different types of grid-connected PV systems, such as large

  • PVGIS (PV-GIS)-powerful and free online photovoltaic software

    PVGIS is an online free solar photovoltaic energy calculator for stand alone or connected to the grid PV systems and plants, in Europe, Africa, America and Asia. Solar electricity generator simulation and solar




Quick design with EASY SOLAR APP

EASYSOLAR - solar and photovoltaic design software

EASYSOLAR solar software

7 days trial for free

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