Opensolar is a free online solar design tool.

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With OPEN SOLAR you can create build-ready quick proposals using OpenSolar's class-leading 3D design technology:
- Automated, fully rendered 3D designs
- Enter site address and immediately paint on to-scale panels
- Pitch, azimuth and shading calculated automatically - with no input from user
- Customize system and proposal details directly within Design zone

It includes database with average global daily solar radiation data for each month of the year as measured on the ground. The uniqueness of this solar database is that it is open for everybody, open for extracting data and open for introducing data. Everybody can extract data. This extracting can be done in various ways: by downloading, doing a copy/paste on-line, by connecting to a webservice or by Flex Remote Object services (amf format).
The solar radiation data in Open Solar are free and very accessible in many ways.
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