Purdue University's PVHub provides online access to photovoltaic simulation tools :

Among the tools at PVHub are the following :

  • PV Analyzer : a tool for rapid data analysis and parameter extraction from solar cell measurements.
  • PVPanelSim : provides two-dimensional SPICE simulation of thin-film solar panels, including shunt-induced variability and partial shadow effects.
  • TAG Solar Cell Model : a package that contains a physics-based compact model for a-Si solar cells, and a panel simulation netlist generator in Matlab that can generate HSPICE inputs for large-scale panel simulation.

Washington University in St. Louis and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory developed the following tool :

  • aMoBT, ab initio model for calculating Mobility and Seebeck coefficient in semiconductors using Boltzmann Transport (aMoBT) equation. aMoBT predicts ab initio the electrical mobility of current or newly designed photovoltaic materials and provides insight to carrier transport and its theoretical limits.

The Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP) also has the following tool :




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