DEEPSOLAR is a digital asset management software that helps to maximize the performance and management of solar photovoltaic systems portfolio.

This THIRD integrated software layer, between the financial asset management systems and the monitoring systems, analyses the raw technical data; finds and quantifies performance issues and their respected recoverable energy; and then provides a smart corrective action plan. This kind of AI analytics layer, which can be called “digital asset management”, is completely data-driven, proactive, prioritized and ROI-oriented.

The DeepSolar™ software utilizes state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to maximize plant ROI. It analyzes existing data, identifying insights and quantifying how they will affect solar owners profitability.
By applying AI diagnostics to high-volume data, Raycatch provides solar plant owners with actionable insights on a daily basis – including root-cause analysis – thereby increasing energy yield, reducing expenditure and improving ROI.

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