AHA Solar Rooftop Helper ("the AHA") App offers solar estimation with approximate cost, applicable government incentives, finance, and information about your nearby Solar indian PV Rooftop Installer across several cities in India. We offer a common platform for end consumers and Solar PV Installers to become a part of the solar revolution.

AHA Solar Rooftop Helper changes the way end customers and rooftop solar professinals work.
Few features of the app are listed below for end customers:
- Google map based navigation
- Enter your "Electricity Bill Details" like consumption units, monthly bill etc.
- economical report : get a report of estimated cost, government financial incentives and estimated energy output calculation.
- Get instant list of indian PV Installers details for solar system quotes

For Solar Professionals :
- Accept sales leads of Solar PV system
- Site Survey Tool
- Financial analysis and tools to get cash flow, breakeven analysis etc.
- Use standard terms and conditions for your proposal
- Energy output calculation
- Customer proposal template in a customized form
- Email a quote to your client right from your android device within minutes of using this app
- Project management via cloud technology to monitor the progress of the lead/project

The AHA app is available in Basic Version as well as in Professional Version at www.ahasolar.in

Get Aha Solar on Google Play

More information about Aha Solar : visit their website



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