T*SOL is a simulation program that allows you to accurately calculate the yield of a solar thermal system dynamically over the annual cycle. 
With T*SOL you can optimally design solar thermal systems, dimension collector arrays and storage tanks, and calculate the economic efficiency.
It includes all relevant systems and company systems.
- Components : combination tanks, buffer tanks, domestic hot water supply, heating support, swimming pools, process heating, air collectors, one or two collector arrays.
- Climate data for 8,000 locations worldwide and your own climate data.
- Photo Plan : dimensioning and photorealistic presentation of the potential solar thermal system on the roof.
- Projects with multiple system variants.
- Solar fractions for heating and domestic hot water shown separately.
- User groups: solar installers, designers and heating engineers.

T*SOL offers you around 200 preconfigured systems and extensive automatic design assistance. All the technical parameters can be entered individually.

Price T*SOL : 895 €
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