Solar Monitor integrates functions that each PV plant owner will appreciate. It monitors and provides following outputs.

Solar Monitor is a modular system. Several modules add extra functions. HBUS connects the modules to DIN with a simple click, no other connecting necessary.

Solar Monitor supports most of inverter manufacturers.Some manufacturers of inverters sold them under several brands as OEM versions.

Solar Monitor Features :

- comfortable remote PV plant monitoring via PC (local net or any location on the internet)
- watching current energy production and its revenues
- monitoring sensors data and comparing current and potential power
- informing about outages or breakdowns via email or text message
- issuing invoices to customers (ČEZ, E.ON,….)
- protecting the plant from theft or lightning
- sending the data to the web portal to enable detailed characteristics monitoring

Solar Monitor web portal offers functions for detailed analysis of your PV plant operation. It enables monitoring your PV plant without the IP address, presenting detailed characteristics, long term inverter and stringbox diagnostics, auditing, archiving records and invoicing.

It also represents an ideal tool for multiple PV plant monitoring and controlling. In that case Solar Monitor offers your own portal version with your PV plants only and custom made interface.

Solar Monitor



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