The Geli GENI allows for real-time monitoring and reporting on a fleet of Geli EOS-enabled assets. Configurable to deliver as much or as little operational data as desired to multiple system partners (operator, financier, host, etc.), the following features ensure the Geli EOS systems always perform as predicted:
Asset Management
- The Geli GENI allows for scheduled reports on individual system components, giving O&M providers the ability to service equipment according to a schedule, component performance fade, or in the event of component failure.
Alerts & Alarms
- Should anything outside the scope of normal system operations occur, from system faults to component failure, a chain of alerts and alarms can be configured so that any issues are addressed as quickly as possible, limiting system downtime.
Performance Reporting
- Custom reports on system performance, including energy delivered, power savings, and financial savings, can be delivered to any number of stakeholders and customize for each.




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