ARDEXA solutions offer easily connect remote wind, solar, hydro and storage assets.
No matter what machine or what plant, the Ardexa solution collects data from all plants and allows to securely access it for remote maintenance.

Ardexa’s centralized and open data solution incorporates important architectural principles to help clients position for the future. No matter how many plants, which types, in which regions of the world, it is handled.
Ardexa has experience in connecting almost any type of machine therefore incorporating new equipment and brands is possible. With Ardexa’s concern in cyber-security, all software and services have been designed with security in mind since the beginning

Main features are :

The Ardexa Agent comes precompiled and ready to use. Debian packages are available for ARM and Intel.

Each device has its own digital certificate for identification and encryption purposes. If a device is ever lost, stolen or compromised, it can be banned in just a few short clicks.

Each device stores its own metadata about what it’s collecting. This metadata, along with any other configuration option, can be remotely managed via the Ardexa Cloud.

Log files can be monitored in real time. The agent uses an event monitoring system to ensure very low resource usage while watching these log files.

Be alerted when sensitive files have been changed in any way.

Commands can be scheduled to run at regular intervals. The output of the process is then sent to the Ardexa Cloud for processing and storage.

Indicative price : unknown

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