Inverter-Based Photovoltaic monitoring and control systems

List of monitoring and control systems from inverter manufacturers.
Most of manufacturers of inverters provide free portals and softwares that allow to monitor and control photovoltaic generators.
This list presents some of them.

To see multi-brand monitoring solution see our list of inverter non-dependent softwares and systems.


All-in-one system monitoring portal.
Step by step we will support you while you create your free Fronius Solar.web account.
In addition to the vast range of monitoring options for your PV system, you will also be able to benefit from attractive warranty extension options.


CONEXT (Schneider Electric)

Conext Control Solar Monitoring System is a solution for control and solar monitoring of large commercial rooftops and PV power plants.

Conext Control Solar Monitoring System


Retrieve operational data for the widest range of system sizes using the Sunny Portal free web service. Globally and conveniently per mouse-click.
Whether password protected or publicly accessible: Analyze and present the performance, earnings or CO2 savings of your Solar Plant with meaningful graphs and tables. Regular status reports by e-mail inform you at all times of the smooth operation of your system.

SMA Sunny Portal


With Enphase MyEnlighten, system owners can track their energy production, monitor their system's health, and share their data with family and friends, all from a simple, mobile-friendly interface.
Available at the App Store or Google Play Store.

Enphase Enlighten Manager For Solar Professionals : all the data you need for smarter, simpler management.
Available at the App Store or Google Play Store.


HUAWEI Fusion Smart PV

The FusionSolar smart PV solution takes 25-year maintenance-free power plants as products. The solution is formulated after considering the efficient solar power generation, efficient O&M, and high safety and reliability of solar plants in the entire life cycle.
Huawei focuses on R&D of core products, including the smart PV controller, smart array controller, and smart PV management system.

HUAWEI Fusion Smart PV monitoring

ABB Monitoring and communication

ABB solar inverters can be connected to different monitoring and control systems via a selection of fieldbus and interface adapters.
This offering is complemented with a series of data loggers and controllers as well as with string monitoring junction boxes and environmental sensors.
The Aurora Vision Plant Management Platform completes the offering by enabling remote monitoring and analysis of system status, performance and energy production and assisting the customer in managing his plants.

ABB solar monitoring

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