Photovoltaic monitoring and control systems (non dependent on inverter)

List of monitoring and control systems for photovoltaic solar panels generators.


Bright is a software service built to assist solar PV owners and operators in capturing the true potential of their assets. Main feature of this complete solar PV management suite :
- Monitor solar energy production levels and alarms in real time.
- Analyze and compare operational and financial data across the portfolio.
- Track and evaluate ROI in performance investments over time.
- Centralize and secure all solar PV data for long term storage.
- Usable on mobile and leverage the powerful API.
Green Power Monitor


Maximize your Return on Solar PV
Investment in solar PV has both economic and environmental benefits. Key to maximizing these benefits is optimizing:
Panel output
Operations & maintenance costs
Productivity costs
While another driver for organizations in using 'green power' is PR, they do less than an effective job in communicating their green achievements.


iPLON's Remote Monitoring Systems for Solar PV Power Plants is used in conjunction with iFTs, iATs and iMTs on site for monitoring, visualization and evaluation of Photovoltaic systems.
The web portal receives live plant data viz. yield, current and voltage from each inverter and can be accessed on PCs and mobile devices from any part of the world through the internet. Periodical performance reports are also sent as emails in addition to performance ratio report exporting options provided in the portal.

IPLON solar monitoring website


QOS Energy develops Qantum®, a web based energy management platform dedicated to renewable energy, smart buildings and smart grids projects.
Qantum® enables professionals to optimise the operational performance for more than 3500 sites worldwide, including 1.5 GW of renewable capacity.
Qantum® comes as standard with a wide range of functionalities such as performance analysis, maintenance management (CMMS), workflow management, automated alerts or custom reports.

More information about Quantum


PVGuard is a supervision platform that performs remote monitoring and maintenance of PV systems. Specially designed for PV plants in the megawatt range, PVGuard® provides fast access to the operating data of photovoltaic generators.
PVguard is a Vendor-independent PV monitoring solution.
It includes detailed status information - down to string level - and comprehensive alarm management including automatic messaging, PVGuard® provides information and incident control mechanism to effectively supervise PV plants.



The WebdynSun gateway is the solution for monitoring your photovoltaic systems. It monitors, collects and analyses the data from your photovoltaic plant remotely and in real time. The gateway combines all the indicators output from the inverters, electric meters and external sensors (sunshine, temperature and so on) in a single unit. It is designed for the preventive and curative remote maintenance of the plant and real-time monitoring of electrical power generation.

Webdynsun website


Solar-Log Monitoring : keeping everything in sight and under control: The Solar-Log WEB features concise presentation options that can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the internet.
With this internet service, the plant yields, error messages and configuration data from the Solar-Log are transferred to servers.

SOLARLOG website


Platform for PV solar monitoring. Solar Smart Monitor connects easily to your solar power system through your meter board.

Solar Analytics


The Geli GENI allows for real-time monitoring and reporting on a fleet of Geli EOS-enabled assets. Configurable to deliver as much or as little operational data as desired to multiple system partners (operator, financier, host, etc.), the following features ensure the Geli EOS systems always perform as predicted:
Asset Management
- The Geli GENI allows for scheduled reports on individual system components, giving O&M providers the ability to service equipment according to a schedule, component performance fade, or in the event of component failure.
Alerts & Alarms
- Should anything outside the scope of normal system operations occur, from system faults to component failure, a chain of alerts and alarms can be configured so that any issues are addressed as quickly as possible, limiting system downtime.
Performance Reporting
- Custom reports on system performance, including energy delivered, power savings, and financial savings, can be delivered to any number of stakeholders and customize for each.



Continental Control Systems designs and manufactures the WattNode® AC power and energy meters.
Available products include networked BACnet®, Modbus®, and LonWorks® bidirectional power, energy, and demand meters and pulse-output watt-hour transducers.
Applications include data-logging, energy management, building automation, tenant sub-metering, end-use metering, equipment performance monitoring, verification, evaluation, and diagnostics. The WattNode meters are suitable for use in commercial, industrial and residential applications.



Software for large projects is delivered to be owned by the end client, providing it with the source code and the graphical resources necessary for it to enjoy complete freedom and control over its installation. Design and web-based SCADA tailored to the needs of the project
Control Centre software that unifies all the customer's plants or installations
All Modbus inverter protocols (Specialists in Solarmax)
Quick and simple switch from the "Meteo Control" (web log) system to our system
We monitor meters in: Spain, Portugal, Germany, Chile, Italy, Mexico, the US and Panama
Option of SOFTWARE OWNERSHIP TRANSFER for the client to use



With data loggers and safer'Sun and VCOM portals, Meteocontrol offers a user-friendly and modern software solution for all performance ranges.
Meteocontrol guarantee compatible and forward looking monitoring solutions thanks to continuous development of products.
In addition to recording and visualizing system data, we also fulfill the requirements for grid feed-in management and remote control of PV systems.
Individually configurable metrological control cabinets for centralized recording of all your PV system data round our portfolio off.
Meteocontrol : PV monitoring


AlsoEnergy delivers comprehensive top-tier monitoring and control solutions for a variety of technologies, with a focus on solar PV monitoring.



Locus Energy is a solar monitoring and data analytics platform provider for the solar photovoltaic (PV) market spanning the residential, commercial, and utility sectors, with over 75,000 systems deployed across North America. Locus Energy's cloud-based software aggregates, organizes, and analyzes performance data from multiple sources, making it easier to access, manage, and identify the causes of a solar system's failure to meet performance expectations.

LOCUS energy


PVSOFT is a software designed for professionals, accessible using a web portal (SAAS mode) designed, developed and operated by our technical team. The software is secure and available 27*7. Multi-manufacturer and multi site, all your power stations are monitored in the same place.
We use the best technology to offer increasingly high performance services and controlled costs:
Web and mobile applications
M2M communications
Secure cloud hosting

PVsoft monitoring solution


GreenPowerMonitor covers the entire value chain in the field of monitoring and managing renewable power plants with their specialized services.
By purchasing programs, GPM PV Portal or GPM PV+ your facilities will need to be adapted so they can be properly monitored.
The service consists of various installation phases, and the services GreenPowerMonitor offer cover the entire range of monitoring and telemetry solutions for renewable energy plants.

Green Power Monitor

Solar Plant Vision (Fat Spaniel)

Fat Spaniel's Solar Plant Vision solutions deliver high-accuracy, predictive capabilities that address complete lifecycle management. Tailored to operations and maintenance (O&M) teams and project managers, the solutions help optimize solar plant production and overall portfolio performance.
Complete operational and diagnostic data is collected continually. Environmental data can be extracted from plant locations or downloaded from satellite services.
Breakthrough capabilities are focused in three areas:
- Plant Management: A full range of device monitoring, troubleshooting, and performance tracking maximizes production while minimizing costs.
- Revenue Management: Billing and reporting features simplify financial and compliance management efforts.
- Visualization and Analytics: Rich tools to interactively analyze assets across the user's portfolio, with the ability to execute advanced analytics on asset performance, energy production, and events related to asset malfunction or system degradation.

Fat Spaniel

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