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Userfriendly solar shadings simulator.
This app gives a graphical representation of the sun path as well as a chart to see what percent of daily hours are lost per month and a kWh output graph.
The kWh output graph can be configured to use PVWatts data for an accurate kWh output or calculated using only the incident angle of the graph to model monthly dips in production due to array tilt angle. This analysis can be printed to PDF and sent to yourself or a client. Multiple shading analyses can be performed and saved to the user's SDcard.

Price : 16 $US

Website of the developper : Comoving : Solar Shading for smartphone
Available on : Google play


Solar System Calculator (SSC) is a mobile application of Turkeys clean energy portal,
Based on monthly bills for electricity consumption, solar energy system (solar system) calculations could be easily done by the SSC application.
Moreover, the mobile application can run offline. The SSC includes solar energy potential of all provinces and districts of Turkey.
Also, for all other countries and cities in the world, the solar energy potential could manually be entered and hence solar energy system (solar system) calculations could be easily done. What else can you calculate by using the mobile application SSC?

Price $0.99
Languages: English, Turkish
Solar System Calculator (SSC) mobile application..

ONYX SOLAR  APPLICATIONOnyx solar - smartphone PV estimation

Free PV simulation app for iphone and android smartphones.
New app for smartphones that lets you calculate the energy produced by a photovoltaic installation. It also provides you useful information such as hours of light generated, CO2 emissions avoided and even the distance traveled by an electric car with the energy generated by the PV installation!

This app is available for both Iphone and Android devices, and its totally free.

Website of the developper : Onyx Solar

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Solar Shading apps


The Solmetric iSV Sun Viewer application uses the iPhone camera to provide an ?augmented reality? view of the sun paths at your location. This allows you to make a quick assessment of the timing and impact of shading obstructions. Solmetric iSV can be used for evaluation of solar access for solar energy systems, landscaping, agriculture, photography, event planning, or real estate assessment. In the camera view, the user can see how the obstructions interact with the sun path. Where an obstruction overlaps a sun path, shading will occur.

The application uses the built-in camera, compass and tilt sensor of the iPhone, and therefore requires the iPhone 5, 4S, 4 or 3GS and will not run on the iPhone 2G, 3G, iPod, or iPad. Release 1.0 supports "portrait" orientation photos only.

For more information on Solmetric iSV refer to the user manual located here.

Price : 4.99 $US
Only available for Iphone and Ipad.

Visit Solmetric website


EasySolar is a fully functional online platform compatible with advanced EasySolar mobile apps for iOS or Android, easy to use in the office or in the field.

EasySolar can significantly increase your solar sales thanks to:

    - better work performance during site visit thanks to measurement tools
    - possibility of the project presentation even during the first meeting with client on tablet or smartphone
    - better visualisation of PV designs for your client thanks to three design methods
    - clear and detailed price quote section and financial analysis
    - better cooperation between solar pros thanks to cloud technology and faster projects management
    - fast preparation of the project, even in 5 minutes
    - detailed customized proposals with company logo, colours and selected sections

If you want to learn more about EasySolar, check the company's Website or


If you upload PV Solar Generation or Power Consumption data to then this app is for you. PVOutput is a free service for sharing and comparing PV output data. If you own a solar system please contribute your power output readings.

Price : FREE  

Available on : Google play

Website of PVoutput

SMA SUNNYPORTAL : Android and iphone appSAMA PV Smartphone tablet ipad

Easy mobile access to the largest online-portal for monitoring, managing and presenting PV plants is now available as free app for smartphones with Android and iphone operating system.

Price : FREE

More information about Sunny portal for Android on SMA's website
More information about Sunny portal for Iphone on SMA's website

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AHA SOLAR : Android and iphone app from indiaAHA Solar PV Smartphone tablet ipad

AHA Solar Rooftop Helper (the AHA) App offers solar estimation with approximate cost, applicable government incentives, finance, and information about your nearby Solar indian PV Rooftop Installer across several cities in India. We offer a common platform for end consumers and Solar PV Installers to become a part of the solar revolution.

AHA Solar Rooftop Helper changes the way end customers and rooftop solar professionals work.
Few features of the app are listed below for end customers:
- Google map based navigation
- Enter your Electricity Bill Details like consumption units, monthly bill etc.
- economical report : get a report of estimated cost, government financial incentives and estimated energy output calculation.
- Get instant list of indian PV Installers details for solar system quotes

For Solar Professionals :
- Accept sales leads of Solar PV system
- Site Survey Tool
- Financial analysis and tools to get cash flow, breakeven analysis etc.
- Use standard terms and conditions for your proposal
- Energy output calculation
- Customer proposal template in a customized form
- Email a quote to your client right from your android device within minutes of using this app
- Project management via cloud technology to monitor the progress of the lead/project

The AHA app is available in Basic Version as well as in Professional Version at

Get Aha Solar on Google Play

More information about Aha Solar : visit their website


Free Iphone app for estimating PV plant yield.

Price : FREE

SMA Website
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